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If you accidentally find yourself at the outskirt of your town or in a location with no landmarks or clue on how to find your way back, several options may come to play.

Using the latest Geo-location service and series of address finders, it’s easy to detect your current location address provided your smartphone has access to the internet.

IP Address
Latitude 39.043720245361
Longitude -77.487487792969
Country United States
Region Virginia

Google Maps

If you’re not sure where you are, third party apps like “where am i” use geolocation service to figure out your current location, including the latitude and longitude of that area.

“Where am i” utilizes Google map API to derive your specific location and return your location data via the IP nodes your mobile device can detect.

  • Google Maps Street View
  • Google Maps Directions
  • Google Maps Directions From Current Location
  • Google Maps API Enable

My IP Address Is:

IP Address Finder: "What is my IP Address"

This technique detects your location using the IP address on your device.

However, in situations where the IP address is hidden behind your ISP. Information provided is based on city, regions, or country rather than your specific location.

To use “what is my IP address” feature on most address finder, simply type the location and click “find my IP address.”

  • Find My IP Location
  • Get Real Time Result
  • Show what Is My IP
  • 100% Accuracy


This is a very good Geo-location option if you have your smartphone with you. GPS works with any smartphone device with GPS installed.

Installed on devices with GPS tracking capabilities, you will be able to obtain useful information about your current location, the nearest landmark as well as the closest bus stop to your location.

All these information are gotten via GPS satellites which are said to be approximately 10cm accurate on most occasions.

  • GPS Tracker
  • GPS Coordinates
  • GPS Tracking Device
  • Handheld GPS

Address Finder

Looking up an address on address finders like “where am I” ┬áis quite easy. Information provided is based on your closest location.

Using this device, you can find the street address by inputting a specific location name like Times square or central park.